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Lewis Hamilton is “cheap and has no friends,” says scorned beauty queen

Miss Grenada speaks out after being two-timed by McLaren star

Ahead of the weekend’s British Grand Prix action, Grid Crasher editor Ollie Irish steps in to tell us about the latest adventures of the world’s favourite Swiss racing driver…

Miss Grenada, aka Vivian Burkhardt, has ripped into Lewis Hamilton, after discovering that he had two-timed her with Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger.

“His life away from the track is far from glamorous,” Burkhardt told the News of the Screws. “Despite his huge wealth, I hate his lifestyle and feel sorry for him. There he is in Switzerland, where he has no friends, no family, just this amazing four-bedroom flat in the richest part of the city – but it’s simply big and empty.”

Ouch. Imagine having to live in Switzerland with no friends. A terrible double whammy.Anyway, back to the lovely Miss Grenada, who had many more kind words for Lewis:

“He just spends his spare time playing Formula One PlayStation games over the Internet with his 15-year-old brother Nic in England. The rest of the time, he’s texting friends who are miles away all over the world.

“Lewis told me how hard it was living in Geneva all alone. He said there’s nothing to do and he doesn’t know anyone. I know he’s bored and unhappy and would like to move. But he stays because it’s the one place he’s not constantly recognised or approached. And, of course, it’s a tax haven that’s saving him millions.

“But how cheap is that, to not live with your family just to get out of paying tax?”

Well, maybe he really likes chocolate and cuckoo clocks.

More kiss-and-tell bitterness:

“After we were pictured arm-in-arm at Cannes, suddenly the whole world knew me as Lewis’ girlfriend. My mum was convinced he was the one and had dreams of us getting married. But days later, he was pictured cosying up to Nicole in Monaco. I was very disappointed. I thought he could have shown me a little more respect.
“Maybe he thought he really liked me a lot – before I refused to have sex with him. And then he changed his mind.”

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  • Sergio Garcia // July 1, 2008 at 9:18 am

    So what, he’s a young wealthy F1 driver and he’s going to enjoy himself. Honestly did she really belive he was considering marriage? Ha!

    Still not quite up to the legendary expolits of the one and only, the type never to be seen again, James Hunt!

  • dee // July 1, 2008 at 3:30 pm

    woman sort yurself out!
    if u thought lewis was so sad and had a boring life why are u so disappointed dat he jilted you.

    Lewis i personal think yur great and you can defo bring victory on sunday!!!!

  • Dee // July 18, 2008 at 6:45 am

    Tsk ,tsk Vivianne went on record stating that she had only one boyfriend before .Ohh really Vivianne so why you used to be skipping class at college to go to with Aboyami huhh oh to speak oh to …….. You know the wealthy Investor you give sexual favors or Terry who you was cheating on Kahlil with.Girl please Grenadians know about you.Wedding…. after one date hmm money normally make people stupidy.You say you are smart then figure out who really dump who.Since actions speak louder than words we can rightly say HAMILTON DUMP YOUR GREEDY , UGLY ASS.

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