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WAG No. 127: Pamela Diaz

Chile: exporters of wine, copper and top-heavy models

In 2006, a tournament was held in Germany that gripped the attention of men all around the world. Of course, I’m referring to the Triumph Underwear Fashion Cup, where models gathered to show off lingerie with a vague sporting aesthetic. Competitors included (fat Brazilian) Ronaldo’s ex Raica Oliveira, Gianluigi Buffon’s lady Alena Seredova and Pamela Diaz, wife of Chilean striker Manuel Neira. Who were the winners of the tournament, you ask? You and I, friends.

Pamela is a 26-year-old Model who had a bit part in Brian de Palma’s awful epic Mission to Mars and she appears to divide her time between her native Chile and Vancouver.

Spoiler bonus: See plenty more pictures of Pamela here, or enjoy a compilation of some of her super-classy television appearances below…

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