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Shocking news: Sepp Blatter talks nonsense

FIFA President claims players suffer from “modern slavery”

Sepp Blatter

With the transfer rumours getting a tad repetitive, we were hoping that Sepp Blatter would make one of his trademark stupid comments to provide some mild entertainment. Thankfully he has managed to surpass all expectations with his latest foot-in-mouth moment, surmising that transfer saga regulars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Emmanuel Adebayor, rather than the public who have to endure their summer-long ‘ordeals’, are victims:

“I’m always in favour of protecting the player and if the player wants to leave let him leave. If the player wants to play somewhere else, then a solution should be found because if he stays in a club where he does not feel comfortable to play then it’s not good for the player and for the club.

“I think in football there’s too much modern slavery in transferring players or buying players here and there, and putting them somewhere. We are trying now to intervene in such cases. The reaction to the Bosman law is to make long-lasting contracts in order to keep the players and then if he wants to leave, then there is only one solution, he has to pay his contract.”

Fair enough, there is some merit in this argument. Steve Sidwell and Tal Ben Haim, for example, have joined a club believing they will receive first-team opportunities, only for the manager who signed them to be replaced by someone who isn’t aware they exist.

Yet we fail to see how this applies to players who were signed by their current manager and are fundamental to their team like Cristiano Ronaldo and Emmanuel Adebayor. The former committed to a five-year contract last April, so why does Blatter feel he can now renege on that agreement? He says players should be allowed to leave if they do not “feel comfortable”, but it’s difficult to see how Ronaldo can claim to be in that position considering the adulation he receives. What gives any player the right to walk away from a binding contract, simply because they don’t fancy being hideously overpaid by the same team anymore?

If Blatter’s utopia came to pass, where contracts count for nothing and players are able to switch clubs as and when they please, who would benefit? The game in general, or just European giants like Real Madrid and Barcelona, who would end up creaming the finest players from the world’s top leagues, with little inconvenience or consequence? Clubs who rely on getting a transfer fee, sustaining a contract, and holding on to their most bankable assets without threat (ie most clubs), would ultimately suffer.

Jog on, Sepp.

Do you agree with El FIFA Presidente, or do you stand on the side of common sense? Let us know with a comment below.

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  • koz // July 10, 2008 at 1:18 pm

    sepp blatter is a c*nt

  • Dren Rugova // July 10, 2008 at 7:12 pm

    If there was an Oscar for ever stupid comments, this would have been one of his top nominations.

  • ben j // July 10, 2008 at 8:59 pm

    I sort of agree with where I think he’s trying to go with the first part – let disgruntled players go, they poison the whole team, etc. – but he’s got no idea what he’s talking about in the end.

    A. Slavery references are just below Nazi references on the “think very carefully before you say it” list. You probably shouldn’t use either one as an analogy. Best stick to using the word slavery TO DISCUSS ACTUAL SLAVERY.

    B. Obviously, slaves don’t get paid anything.

    C. Contracts are supposed to be legal documents. If you sign a contract, you have some kind of obligation. In the case of a footballer, it’s to play football. This is probably the simplest thing you can learn about law.

  • Redmist // July 10, 2008 at 9:50 pm

    I contract, to be paid, a whopping load of money, to play football for you for, say, 4 years.*

    *Unless of course I want more money, or just don’t want to play football for you anymore in which case I can do what i want.

  • toidi // July 12, 2008 at 3:47 am

    120000 per week for male slave? i wish they better hire me or all ppl in my family! i promise i won’t say something that destroy the club or myselfish always be! i may b poor but sure never stab behind anyone who gave me days…

    i think they should make the maximum of footballer’s payment at REAL first… is that the usual way re* ppl use to buy a man? didn’t money is the begining of slavery? surely money started rotten u inside now…

    Bastar, u sure u r not nation racism favor? we all knew you r not, do we?
    plz, make the new era by givin’ the others to take his job! this guy won’t stop make a silly mouth until the war rising and ppl giv dyin’ as s l a v e

    sum how i wish ronaldy leaves to gave ramos another chance to bang her again! i’m waiting for da clips…

    just think abt signing not to play the war for 3 years…and u break the law within 1 year…how gigle slavery like us would feel?

    i can’t waitin for their day off!

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