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WAG No. 132: Leah Newman

Playboy model who’s tired of her domestic duties

Prior to marrying fugly ex professional footballer Neil Ruddock, Leah Newman was a glamour girl socialite who made oodles of cash hawking her wares in publications such as The Daily Sport during the day, and spent her evenings in London WAG haunts such as Chinawhites. After the birth of their daughter Izzabella Ivy Grace Ruddock, however, things took a rather boring turn, and on an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap in 2007, she admitted her life was ‘crap’. She feels like a prisoner in her Hastings home, while Ruddock, who was never the fastest player on the pitch, is happy with their lethargic lifestyle:

“I could sleep all day, get up and have me dinner, then go back to sleep again.”

Before she was chained to the sink, Leah was a regular Page Three girl, who was given the coveted honour of Playboy Magazine’s Girl of the Month in August 2004. She has also made many TV appearances on the Adult Channel and Men & Motors, and her 2005 breast enhancement surgery was documented on Channel Five’s All New Cosmetic Surgery Live.

Leah was also set to star as a Swedish hitch hiker in the film Lesbian Vampire Killers, but for some reason, the project never got off the ground.

Spoiler bonus: Check out Leah Newman official site here. If she can drag herself away from tiresome domestic duties long enough, she will send you a personally autographed print in exchange for five English pounds.

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