Aleksandr Hleb should stop telling us his opinion

Belarusian suffering chronic case of stupid comment disease

Alex Hleb

Back in May, precious little Alex Hleb needed an excuse to get away from London, and decided to cite the noise – rather than bendy buses, overcrowding and Jade Goody – as a reason. Shortly after making these comments, he joined Barcelona, where honking car horns at night is considered mandatory and drunken screaming is the most common method of communication.

Yesterday, he added further fuel to the weak transfer excuse fire by inferring that his time in Blighty was marred by chaos (“In London things were very different, but there is no problem because we are professional and we can adapt to anything”) and that he is looking forward to his first real Christmas in Catalonia:

“Playing so many games in a short space of time over Christmas was very hard.

“For me, my family and Christmas are the best things in life, and I have been unable to see that for many years. Now I will be able to.”

The poor little darling, who was occasionally handsomely paid forced to travel around the country on Christmas Day, has also started whining about Hearts holding his brother to ransom:

“It would have been good had my brother come to Scotland but I don’t understand the politics of [Hearts owner] Romanov.

“He has been a short time in charge of Hearts but already there have been a lot of trainers – I don’t understand this.

“Okay, if my brother doesn’t go to Scotland then perhaps he can join another club and maybe he’ll go to Holland next week.

“At the moment he’s still in Belarus, where Romanov is the owner of the club, but I don’t understand what’s happening.

“My brother wants to go but Romanov won’t let him, or is asking for big money. Hopefully he’ll go soon.”

If Hleb doesn’t understand what is happening with his brother’s situation, perhaps he should avoid commenting on it to the press.

In other news, the Belarusian is expected to quit Barcelona for the UK in the next few days, as he wants to see if Harold will go back to Neighbours.

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  • Abby // July 24, 2008 at 10:58 pm

    To be fair to Hleb, Romanov is completely and utterly insane. Remember the monkey letter from a little while back?

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