Perma-Relaxed Couple

Gary Lineker develops worrying holiday addiction

MOTD host and WAG take sixth break in ten months

According to Britain’s favourite red top tabloid, Gary Lineker is currently living it up in Barbados with his current lady friend Danielle Bux. There’s nothing strange about that, except when you consider it is the third time they have been to the Caribbean destination in the past ten months, and in the same brief time period, Lineker’s gruelling work schedule has allowed for three additional romantic getaways in Miami, Vienna and Rome. It’s clearly a hard life working for the Beeb.

WAGs currently drifting on the periphery of the Premier League (we’re looking at you, Meares and Lloyd) have much to learn from Danielle. By bagging an ex-pro rather than a current player, she may have to put up with moaning about back pain and receding hairlines, but there’s no pesky season to get in the way of the good life. Enjoy those cocktails, Ms. Bux, you and your initiative thoroughly earned them.

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