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Rio Ferdinand makes his rapping debut

Big centre-back is about to set the airwaves alight

Rio Ferdinand and Usher

White Chalk Music Ltd was founded by occasional England captain Rio Ferdinand (pictured above with a gentleman who advocates the poppin’ of collars) and his business partner Courtney Richardson with the intention of finding the ‘newest and freshest’ talent Manchester has to offer. The victor in a competition to be signed by Rio’s label was extremely new and fresh rapper Nia Jai, an ex- nurse from Burnage. Her debut album Black Ice will be released on October 6, and it features one of the greatest lyricists of our time, who also happens to play for Manchester Utd. On one track, Ferdinand raps:

“This is Rio Ferdinand. Make sure you do not sleep on Nia Jai, White Chalk’s first signing. This girl spits out fire.”

Nia Jai, who should under no circumstances should be ‘slept on’, is being tipped for stardom, yet The Telegraph claims Rio’s friends are not too impressed by his musical contribution. Clearly, they don’t know great art when they hear it.

See Nia Jai collaborating with Chipmunk and Natty Boii after the jump…

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