London 2012 Build-up

Beckham and Jimmy Page to represent Britain at Beijing closing ceremony

Two legends to be joined by insignificant reality TV series winner

Beijing Olympics Closing ceremony

At the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games, the next host traditionally performs a presentation showcasing how bloody brilliant they are. Picking up the London 2012 mantle at next Sunday’s epic display in Beijing will be a football legend, a rock god and some girl who won X Factor:

It is set to be one of the most mind-blowing spectacles ever. David [Beckham]was elated to be asked to take part, as was everyone who has been invited.”Having a rock god like Jimmy Page and a singer like Leona Lewis performing together for the first time will certainly be something to remember.

“The amount of planning is staggering. It will be truly momentous – and a fitting send-off as London takes up the 2012 challenge.”

Apparently, Beckham will enter the Bird’s Nest stadium on a Routemaster double decker bus with London Mayor Boris Johnson (hence it won’t be a bendy bus), after which the LA Galaxy star will kick footballs around with children representing every country of the world.

Then, guitar ledge Jimmy Page will duet with the young lady whose career and artistic integrity have been cynically carefully designed by Simon Cowell, and best of all, some hoodies will perform some hip hop dances. Somehow, this will all stretch out to represent thirty minutes of the ‘Best of British’.

It’s certainly shaping up to be ‘one of the most mind-blowing spectacles ever’.

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