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Should-be-WAGs hit the town… 

For those of you too busy watching one of cable television’s numerous sports channels over the weekend, you might have forgotten to leave the house. You didn’t miss much really, except some beautiful August drizzle, Danielle Lloyd showing the world her knickers at Embassy nightclub (above), and Charlotte Mears parading around Faces in Essex, probably looking for another footballer to snog. She looked busty (after the jump).

It feels somehow wrong, these girls not being part of the important WAG dynasty. The Spoiler misses them. So here’s a message to the likes of Dos Santos, Jo, even recently divorced Deco – why not take one of our girls for a spin?

Lloyd comes highly recommended, if a little bit racist at times. Bless her.


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    [...] just three gorgeous girls who never made it to a footballer’s arm. Even great lookers like Danielle Lloyd and Charlotte Mears have had their thrones in the pantheon of WAGs snatched away from them. And so has this sexy lady, [...]

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