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Make some of that sweet Big Brother money, baby

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Big Brother

Don’t believe everything you read in newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, novels, on the back of matchboxes, and in dreams, this season of Big Brother has been by far the best yet. The pretty boys and will-be-WAGs were booted out early doors, leaving us with a house crammed not with young show offs demanding celebrity, but with society’s outcasts seeking acceptance.

There’s Mikey, the zany blind man who seems incapable of eating anything he hasn’t licked first. Then Darnell, the young American Albino black guy who is convinced that even the insects are whispering about him – he’s friends with Rex, a posh chef who’s life before Big Brother was spent explaining to lapdancers exactly what he had in mind next. And then there’s the girls – Rachel who has never even seen a swearword written on a piece of paper in pencil, and Sara who lost her voicebox as a child and had it replaced with a Moog keyboard.

Head over to Chickendinner to find out which one of these young legends will be crowned Prince of The House this evening.

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