The Savior Returns

Cristiano Ronaldo teaches us a lesson in humility

Portuguese star talks down return to action


Since his plans to escape to Madrid were thwarted and he stopped wearing overtly metrosexual clothing, Cristiano Ronaldo has managed to stay out off the back pages. However, the Portuguese is expected to return when Villarreal visit Old Trafford on Wednesday, and in anticipation, he has heralded his triumphant return:

“I’m already in the history of the club. When I play the fans will love me again.”

“With this Golden Boot I have changed football a little. Usually strikers won it and I’m a winger. I have been the most consistent and the best.”

Clearly, his love of failed pneumatic models is only matched by his love of expressing modesty.

So, will the tricky winger cast aside his mercenary reputation and win over United fans with his first touch, or will he have to earn his way back into our good books, much like he did after the World Cup winking incident? Let us know what you think with a comment below.

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