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Video: Jose Mourinho accuses player of cheating

Outspoken Inter boss unhappy with Muntari sending off

Jose Mourinho won his home league debut at the San Siro this weekend, yet the match with lowly Catania was marred by the dismissal of Sulley Ali Muntari for ‘striking’ Giacomo Tedesco. As you can see from the video above, the Catania midfielder may have ever-so-slightly exaggerated the impact.

Demonstrating that he can communicate in more ways than English and nonchalant shrugging, Mourinho told the Italian press that Tedesco was a diver. Here are some of his comments, translated for your convenience:

 ”I saw many DVDs from last season and understood in England Tedesco would be called someone who lacks fair play, whereas in Italy he might be considered ‘intelligent.’

“I thought Tedesco was dead with all that rolling around, but he managed to recover and play in the second half.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time Jose has yapped about cheating opponents, and we know he feels strongly about the subject and would never put a player in his team who stooped to such depths. Oh wait, that’s not quite true.

[The Offside]

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