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Pavlyuchenko gets nasty, Berbatov gets nice

Two men, same request, different outcomes

Dimitar Berbatov

It’s been a week of mixed fortunes for Tottenham’s front line, old and new. Berbatov has sheepishly started his new life in Manchester, making an efficient if unspectacular start. After a red carpet night in honour of Giggsy, he arrived home, only to be pounced on by enthusiastic autograph hunters after a doodle. He kindly obliged (pictured).

Yet over in the icy land of Russia, rumours suggest that Pavlyuchenko has landed himself in hot water for being anything but obliging to a fan’s wants – he reportedly smashed up their expensive digital camera instead of posing for a picture. The fan, understandably, is upset.

A police spokesman insists that if what’s being said is true, Pav will have to cough up a “hefty fine.”


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  • Michael Kenneth Hodgson // September 19, 2008 at 6:36 pm

    bloody hell Pav, if you CAM understand english, it would be good if you was that bad by playing for spurs upfront.

    You’ll be the next feared striker in the Prem.

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