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Video: Why streaking can be very dangerous

Aussie knocked unconscious during naked high jinks

Running onto a sports playing surface and wobbling about a bit with no clothes on doesn’t sound complicated in principle. Australian football player Nathan Roberts, however, didn’t quite make it to the ‘ticking off from the Police while wrapped in a steward’s jacket’ stage, as he managed to knock himself unconscious:

Mr Roberts, 26, of Salisbury, streaked during the Adelaide Plains Football League preliminary final match between United and Hummocks Watchman Eagles at Virginia Oval.

“We had knocked back a few bevvies and someone mentioned someone should streak,” he said yesterday.

“I said I would for a gold-coin donation . . . then there was $50 on the table so I had to do it.”

Part of the challenge was that Mr Roberts had to complete a cartwheel.

However, that is where everything came undone.

“Mid-air I changed my mind . . . I half landed on my foot and went face first into the ground,” he said.

Aussie Streaker

The Virginia B Grade football team player should have known something would go wrong, as he was sidelined from action due to “fluid in his lungs, pneumonia and an inflamed liver and spleen” before attempting the stunt. What is clear, however, is that he has learned nothing from the ordeal: “I like a bit of attention and I’d do it again,” he boasted.

[Spotted at Deadspin]

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