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WAG No. 182: Kendra Wilkinson

Playboy bunny trades in wrinkly old goat for NFL star

There aren’t many young models who will happily romance a gentleman who is three-and-a half times her age, but that is exactly what Kendra Wilkinson (23) has done with Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner (82) to achieve fame in the US. Kendra is one of Hef’s triumvirate of blondes, and can be seen on the reality TV show The Girls Next Door.

Yesterday, however, several gossip blogs revealed that Kendra is helping the old duffer up and down the stairs in a strictly platonic sense, as she is in fact engaged to Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett.

Kendra used to be a cheerleader for the Eagles, and has been an official blogger on their official website for several years. The pneumatic blonde has also featured in many pop videos, including Akon’s terrible hit ‘Smack That‘, and Nickelback’s slightly less terrible smash ‘Rockstar‘.

Spoiler bonus:
Kendra loves to help America keep fit, and she also enjoys embarrassing herself on television…

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