Merseyside Derby

Oh dear, looks like Everton are going to beat Liverpool

A city comes together united under one banner… well, two

Merseyside Derby

Oh, everything’s been going wonderfully well at Anfield – The Reds finally beat Manchester United, and got their Champions League and Carling Cup campaigns off to a winning start. Just don’t mention Stoke, nobody needs to mention Stoke. What was that? The Stoke game? Ahh, you just had to say it didn’t you! What is WRONG with you people? Anyway, who gives one, we’ll all have forgotten about the lurching awkwardness of the Stoke game once Everton win the Merseyside derby and claim their throne as the Capital of Culture’s number one team. Here’s why Everton will definitely win:

1. Over the last five years the two teams have taken it in turns to win this fixture. Liverpool won 2-1 last year meaning that now it’s Everton’s turn.

2. Everton have only lost four Premier League home games in each of the last two seasons so having lost two already, their home form surely won’t last much longer.

3. Liverpool have triumphed in just sixteen of their last forty Premier League away games.

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4. Whereas Everton won eleven of their nineteen home games last season – no other club outside the top four won more.

Liverpool have only scored one first-half goal in their five league games so far this season, which doesn’t bode well because they could face an onslaught in the second-half. Everton have scored nine second-half goals in their last six league games.

6. chickendinner superfact: Both teams have got on the scoresheet in this encounter in five of the last eight seasons. That’s another stat that is bad news for Liverpool because Everton have lost just one of the last nineteen games they’ve scored in, winning thirteen.

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  • Kree // September 26, 2008 at 1:23 pm

    The odds of that happening is nil liverpool going with all 3 points keano and torres :D

  • Tone // September 28, 2008 at 1:53 am

    Haha….deary me..the Blue shites got what they deserved again..

  • Phil // September 28, 2008 at 1:11 pm

    2- 0,what was that? 2-0
    All your arguments for winning completely backfired and I liked the onslaught.Not one shot on target.You’ll never be better than the reds so just realise that and support them Ha Ha.

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