Crisis at the Lane

It’s all Berbatov’s fault, says Terry Venables

Stroppy Bulgarian responsible for Spurs’ current peril

Blame Berbs

According to everyone’s favourite crook former England manager Terry Venables, the lacklustre start to Spurs’ season isn’t down to Juande Ramos’ questionable selections, poor use of transfer funds or general incompetence on the field, but it’s all because of that pesky striker who played for a few minutes in the opening game of the season. The Sun sez:

Bulgarian strike ace Berbatov kept telling us he had a ‘dream’. Well, good for you Dimi, you had a dream with a few extra noughts added to your bank balance.But don’t you think Spurs had a dream too? Don’t you think that when they bought you and helped you blossom into one of the best strikers in the world, you had a duty to reward them by helping them fulfil THEIR dream.

You got your way but your poisonous presence at the start of this season – the pouting, the brooding and the reluctance to play – has cost the club that believed in you.

So, is Mr Venables right in asserting that Spurs’ current predicament is down to the striker, or is it all down to Ramos and dome-headed chairman Daniel Levy? Let us know your thoughts with a comment below.

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  • harveyhotspur // September 30, 2008 at 10:30 am

    dont care if u think tv is a crook .with the stock market being a load of shit theres plenty of crooks out there,lets face it levy and co are in it for the money. at least T.V. loves spurs unlike the suits who run spurs and who will find another scapegoat for their lack of football knowledge,and obvious disregard for the fans.untill we have board who will give the manager the right tomanage then championship here we come……

  • MACCAD THFC // September 30, 2008 at 11:42 am


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