Rattled Bikini Model

Nereida Gallardo gets a grilling on Spanish TV

Next time, Nereida, just do Richard and Judy…

In a scene reminiscent of Christ’s trial, pretty Nereida Gallardo was grilled by a panel of sneering Spaniards on television, forced to explain herself, and her relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo. In the above clip, the lady host particularly despises the former WAG’s party lifestyle, repeatedly asking whether Nereida has enjoyed sex with lots of famous people, while some guy chips in to ask if she has ever been on the game. As an “escort”, like. It’s all a bit good cop/bad cop.

Nereida, obviously rattled, having probably expected to be on a kindly Pebble Mill-style daytime show, explains how Ronaldo really wanted to go to Real Madrid and promised her that she’d be the first to know about the move, that she isn’t a prostitute, and that the CR tattoo on her wrist will soon be removed, thanks to her mother’s friend who is a dermatologist. Other revelations include: she found a suspicious text on Ronaldo’s phone, which was in Spanish, and that someone once paid for her to go to New York, but that doesn’t make her a proz.

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  • yasser // October 8, 2008 at 6:25 pm

    Nereida i love you i no you went out with Cristiano Ronaldo can you give me your aad
    Nereida Gallardo

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