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WAG No. 198: English football’s finest WAGs

Up yours, Capello! We love the circus!

How dare the England manager attempt to keep our good WAGs down. These women didn’t spend weeks and months ironing their hair, painting liquid tan between their toes, and eating just the right amount of sliced carrot and dip for someone to come along and deny them five star treatment. It is their right, and they WILL have their revenge.

As a means of supporting them through this trying time, The Spoiler has assembled a small collection of WAG photography, and put it together as an homage to their kindness and beauty. Amongst them, you will find Clancy, Rives, Cole, Curran, Slade, McLoughlin. That’s right, all the greats.

Stay positive, beautiful, lonely WAGs.

All the pictures after the jump…

Alex Curran

Cheryl Cole

Abbey Clancy

Coleen McLouglin

Elen Rives

Melanie Slade

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