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Ryan Babel knows what time it is… whatever that means

Yeah, yeah, you probably saw this ages ago…

What with all the football news thundering into The Spoiler HQ minute after minute, day after day, week after week etc, sometimes little gems like this slide silently under the radar. It’s hardcore rhymesman/football player, Ryan Babel, hip hopping in a rap studio.

If you’re having trouble understanding the words, don’t worry, it’s because most of them are in Dutch. Apart from “motherfucker”, of course, which apparently has no translation.


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  • bob marley // October 16, 2008 at 8:27 pm

    ryan babel is hardbody… nice beat too. Virginia by Clipse.

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    [...] of the Day hall of fame, however, on account of her new “relationship” with Liverpool rapper/ footballer Ryan Babel, the not-a-racist-but-says-racist-things glamour model has finally earned [...]

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