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WAG No. 199: Eva Roob

Proof that footballers can successfully crossover into ‘art films’

To fans of German women’s football circa 2001, Eva Roob is known as a talented midfielder for FC Nuremberg. However, as we told you yesterday, the 23-year-old blonde from Cologne struggled to make ends meet: “My earnings were not enough and I had to take another job to make money,” she told German tabloid Bild.

Rather than picking up a paper round, Eva decided to take the second most obvious step in supplementing her income, becoming a pornstar operating under the name Samira Summer.

Ok, so she’s not technically a WAG, but a half-eaten Snickers bar says you’re still mighty tempted to hit that ‘Read More’ button…

If you wish to meet Eva in person to discuss her views on the global economic crisis, you are in luck – from today she will be starring at the Venus Erotic Trade Fair in Berlin.

Spoiler bonus: If you wish to forever corrupt the internet history of your comuter, check out some of Eva/ Samira’s work at a site called ‘Dirty Showgirls‘ (NSFW). If not, observe this lovingly-compiled YouTube slideshow…

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