Martin Jol criticises Spurs’ summer transfer policy

Former boss points out where Ramos has gone wrong

Martin Jol

When everything you touch is going wrong, the last thing you need is your popular predecessor pointing out your shortcomings. But just like Avram Grant had to suffer Jose Mourinho’s taunts in his final days as Chelsea manager, Bundesliga table-topper Martin Jol felt obliged to point out Juande Ramos’ mistakes.

It’s less than eight months since Spurs won the Carling Cup but only eight of their sixteen man squad from that day are still with the club and Jol feels that this is the main reason they are struggling:

“They won the Carling Cup with that team, which was good, I thought, but they changed it – and that is there responsibility but as I said I wish them all the best.”

While Jol is far too nice a guy to properly lay into anyone, he wanted to remind everyone that the start his Spurs side made last season was nowhere near as bad as this and that he had far less to work with:

“They have got probably a worse situation than I had last year. I had to play with Chimbonda at left-back, Tainio at right-back and Kaboul – they have got Woodgate and Gareth Bale and all these players, they are star players – it is a totally different situation from a year ago.”

The fact he mentions just having to play Kaboul anywhere as a disadvantage shows that Jol clearly wasn’t too pleased with some of the players that landed on his lap the previous summer.

Is Jol right to say that Spurs should never have changed a winning team or did they need to make changes this summer to progress? Would Spurs still be in this mess if Jol was in charge? Let us know with a comment below.

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  • Gary // October 17, 2008 at 10:40 am

    didn’t have a choice they wanted to go
    The big problem was not replacing the forwards

  • scott // October 17, 2008 at 11:04 am

    agree with Gary,

    fukc off spoiler, go pick on Newcastle

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