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Football fashion: Berbsie’s pullover, Aaron’s gloves, Atkinson’s knickers

Say “OMG, those are TO DIE FOR” to some fashionable men…

Lennon and Berbs

With the breeze picking up and Jack Frost emerging from his angry nightmares to reak havoc on car windscreens, it’s time for the Premier League’s finest to delve into their autumn/winter collection, with Aaron Lennon and Berbsie kicking off this season’s on-pitch fashion parade with aplomb.

Little Aaron, most famous for spending a few minutes each morning studiously shaving mathematical lines into his eyebrows for no reason, lit the fuse on “glove season”. As the rest of his team collapsed in a quivering heap against Stoke, their hands naked and unloved, Aaron could at least dab their tears away with a plump warm thumb after the match. He went for the classic black woolly glove – formerly the calling card of the Milk Tray man.

Meanwhile, over in Manchester, Berbsie showcased a gorgeous thermo-regulatory Lycra support tunic, in a blood type O red. If you look closely, not only is the skin-tight garment designed to keep your chest, stomach and back warm, but even the palms of your hands. His came complete with handy thumb-holes to keep it from riding up his forearms and showing off his embarrassing Spurs tatts.

On a far sadder fashion note, sturdy ever-so-manlike glamour model Gemma Atkinson has decided to hang up her g-string in a bid to conquer Hollywood. Enjoy an homage to her in her knickers here.

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