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Vote: Will Juande Ramos make it to Christmas?

At Spurs, that is. He’s not dying or anything.

Juande Ramos conducting an orchestra

As Tottenham finished another performance where absolutely everything went wrong yesterday, chairman Daniel Levy was caught by the cameras chatting into his mobile. It’s possible that he was ordering a Dominos so it would be delivered when he got home, but that’s an incredibly risky strategy. What if there is traffic? The driver would take it back to the restaurant and then bring it back again cold – an undesirable situation for everyone involved. Perhaps it is more likely that Levy was ordering a managerial execution, much like he did at this time last year.

So, will Levy, Comolli and co hold their nerve and stick with the luckless Spaniard (seen above conducting an orchestra), or will they send out a P45 before we celebrate the birth of Father Christmas? Votes and comments below, please.

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  • die hard yid, andyk // October 20, 2008 at 9:27 am

    i know are problem, its called alex ferguson topped uop with some comolli, we had 2 top 5 finnishes nearly made the promise land, are problems started when the red nosed leach came in and took carrick, the following season we became mid table team, and lets not forget that comoli a french friend off arsen wenger he has 1 goal and thats to bring in ordinary players i remmember when he negotiated the hassam ghaly deal, hes words were that ghally is a great prospect for spurs and will florish, lol, and were is gilberto? who is bent? comoli cant negotiate anything and levy sells what he can… fergi is even coming for bale and recently stated his oww for hutton, so its people like levy that sale, comoli intent on keeping us behind arsnal and yes i think ramos will survive the mans a champion

  • Upminster Iron // October 20, 2008 at 9:40 am

    I’d be impressed if Juande Ramos makes it to 5pm!

  • die hard yid, andyk // October 20, 2008 at 9:50 am

    he will make it, you dont become a bad manager overnight, his record is great and clearly he can manage, unfortunately are board cant manage doing a shit without checking if there is toilet first, remove comoli remove the plc flush enic down the the toilet and bring in the billionairs

  • MACCAD THFC // October 20, 2008 at 10:56 am

    Unless he starts to see how crap jenas is i think he wont make it and spurs will be in the championship. How can someone like jenas be spurs captain and lead out a spurs team it makes be sad.

  • die hard yid, andyk // October 20, 2008 at 11:26 am

    jenas makes me sick too, he has nothing to offer i dont like this player i dont like zokora and i dont like bent, i also think we need to choose either bentley or lennon one needs to go given bentley has a cross on him id say remove lennon he runs around like a girl we have too many prettyboys in the midfield we need some ugly tough strong footballers in the middle like vinny jones or kean figures, yes we need hackers in the park, i also think bale should be put on the left he is not a left back corluka should play centrall untill we find cover for himand then place him besides woodgate again, kings days are done we cant wait for the man to be fit he must perminately hand his leadership puplicaly to woodgate untill we get a winner once we get out off this situation, i think pavlyuchenko needs service from the flanks, are form is not giving him this plus he has played a whole season in russia before coming to the lane, is there really a point sacking so we can rebuild again? i dont think so look at fergy when he went united they nearly went down and it took him a while to get it right… wenger to did not have much sucess but he to got it right, apart from chelsea before the top4 we only had a top3 asenal, liverpool and man untd these teams kept their managers through all the bad times and look at the stability they have, we cant sack ramos we need him, the team well be ok

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