Spot The Scapegoat

Everybody desperate to be blamed for Tottenham’s crisis

No one guilty of passing the buck at White Hart Lane

Jonathan Woodgate wants the blame

Yesterday, Juande Ramos showed his willingness to take full responsibility for Tottenham’s current rubbishness, claiming the attitude of his players is still very good, and he is working hard to turn things around.

Today, however, Jonathan Woodgate threw a curveball into the arena of blame, by claiming it’s nothing to do with the Spaniard and everything to do with the players:

“The buck stops with the players.

“We’re bottom of the Premiership and it’s not nice at all. We’re hurting inside but we have to stand up and get ourselves out of this mess that we’ve got ourselves into.”

It’s great to see the players support the under-fire manager, although The Spoiler can’t help thinking they could do a lot more to support him on the pitch.

So, will we see Daniel Levy complete the circle of blame by accepting responsibility in tomorrow’s press?

Not bloody likely.

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