Have Kaboul’s criticisms of Ramos been vindicated?

Maybe it wasn’t just a bitter rant after all

Younes Kaboul Robbie Keane

While Younes Kaboul’s defending hasn’t earned him many rave reviews during his time in the Premier League with first Tottenham and now Portsmouth, The Spoiler thinks it’s time to give him credit for being one of the first to question the credentials of Juande Ramos.

When Kaboul criticised his then manager in April, saying that he deserved no credit for Tottenham’s Carling Cup success and accusing him of never speaking to his players, it was largely dismissed as a bitter attack by a player who Ramos, in a rare display of good squad management, realised wasn’t worthy of a starting place.

Back then Spurs fans were too busy planning their latest assault on the Big Four to take much notice of Kaboul’s rant but now that his comments appear to have been proven accurate, we thought they might be worth reliving:

“Tactically it has changed a bit, perhaps. But then, in terms of personality, Martin was a character. For us, he was a father figure, whereas Ramos, it is just tactics and nothing else.

“In training, we do a lot of stuff on the blackboard to work on our progress with the ball. Ramos has brought us that, but nothing else. What has saved us this season is the Carling Cup. People say we won the Carling Cup because Ramos arrived at the club, but that has nothing to do with him. We would have won it with Martin Jol.

“I played the entire first half of the season, but since the change of manager I have not played. I have had no explanation from him. He doesn’t talk, with anyone. Communication doesn’t exist with him. He isn’t playing me? That is his choice – I respect it, I am a professional.”

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  • Spurs4Life // October 23, 2008 at 4:36 pm

    It might me true, after all, the great Ramos at the time was playing with the team (bar Defore) that Jol set up… however, each Manager MUST stamp his way of playing, that might take 3 to 5 years (if given the chance), but I doubt that we would have one the Cup with Jol at the helm…

    I also feel that yet again Spurs are the loosers here because the board (u know, the big L) still cannot see the folly of a director of footie, they cannot and will not let Ramos choose who he wants to buy …. the bottom line is that the bitter words by Kaboul might be partly true, but that is all they are …. bitter…. I never rated him, still don’t ….

    If Ramos is right for the job and his way of doing things are correct we will find out in the fullness of time. Only when Ramos has a team that he made, not one he pick up will we see if a bitter fool was correct….

  • DAVID SMITH // October 23, 2008 at 7:26 pm

    Isaid this last year is man managment skills were rubbish he fell out with keane berbatov kaboul defoe now bentley he should go and get the dutch man riycard cant spell is name the problem with ramos is he doesent sound good in broken english and cant motivate the players every team is coming out in the second half and out playing us with loads of energy and closing down udinese and stoke were different teams in the second half thats when games are won

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