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Michel Platini can stick his Premier League envy, and Scudamore can shove his NBA-loving attitude and BigBank CEO-like arrogance; David James should be running football…

david james premier league rumour

…or at least replacing that lazy prat Lawrenson on MOTD. In his excellent Observer column today, J-Mo makes the point that football might not be recession proof after all and the “TV-money” isn’t the most important thing that can save it; fans are:

“What has kept us all going – so far – is the loyalty of the fans. This is where football is really blessed… Predictions are that unless there is mass unemployment, football fans will hold on to their season tickets. I had a cleaner at my old house up in Liverpool and I remember her saying she had taken out a four-year loan just to buy a season ticket to Anfield for her son… Clubs would do well to remember this and repay their fans’ loyalty in other ways. I’m a big supporter of football kits as value for money, but perhaps we could go one season without a new kit. Or next year’s season tickets could be held at this season’s prices.”

But where the Pompey goaltender really scores is against his mates and colleagues:

“This culture of footballers’ pay packets and keeping up with the Joneses, with star players quibbling over contract clauses to guarantee parity of income with their team-mates, is unhealthy for the game and encourages overspending.”

The Spoiler likes the cut of J-Mo’s shorts. We doubt though that even global financial meltdown will make the Premier League’s preening stars think about repaying fan loyalty. Really, has Ronaldo’s ‘train-hair-game-whore-sleep-skincare’ wheel of thought got room for ‘fans who pay to see me’. Since he was forced to stay at Man Utd at £120k he has affected the look of a little girl whose doll has been chewed by rotweiler. How about Adebayor, the Gunners’ badge-kisser, whose mind was away with the fairies in the off-season and now so is his form. Or Keane, Berbatov or Robinho who just had to follow their paypacket dream of playing for Liverpool/Man United/Chelsea Man City. Or old stalwalts Cole and Lampard who love their clubs if you’ll give them a bit more money, or a longer contract, or ‘parity’ or whatever. Many people will be worried about keeping their jobs in the next few years, it would be nice to see at least the premier league players stop kissing their badges and just ‘honour’ their contracts for a change – play football for the compensation and duration if the agreed term. They did sign them after all. That would be loyalty enough.

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