The Departed

Juande Ramos makes a statement about his sacking

Ex-Spurs gaffer is philosophical about departure

Juande Ramos official website

After Daniel Levy published his epic love letter to Spurs fans on the official Tottenham website, Juande Ramos, an unemployed man from Spain, has issued a very brief response on his own site:

Despite the surprise sacking of the First Team Coaches just 15 hours before the match against Bolton, Juande states “the results are what counts in football and we all know how this world works. Now we just have to see if this decision is the best one for the team to recover and have a good season.”

For the past few weeks Juande has acted like a complete gent, and his lack of malice and apparent ongoing concern for the team is quite refreshing to see. Well played, señor.

(Still he might want to update the message on the front page of his website:  “This season our aim is to delight the thousands of Spurs fans, but my other personal aim is that you, my friends, also gain enjoyment from this passionate sport that unites us all.”)

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