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David Beckham still loves the cheerleaders

Underdressed women divert Mr B’s attention from the LA Lakers

Poor old David Beckham. Whenever he goes to basketball games, hordes of cheerleaders start parading their wares right in front of his eyes. When the Portland Trail Blazers visited the Staples Center on Tuesday, Becks couldn’t help but take a peek at the LA Lakers hotpanted troupe.

The Daily Mail - who seem to have single-handidly hate-mongered Russell Brand out of a job – refer to Becks as a ‘rubbernecker’ and an ‘ogler’, but there are attractive women in tiny outfits literally standing right in front of him. Would any man (or woman) in the world be able to resist looking?

[Picture: The Socialite Life]

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  • AnthonyOA // October 31, 2008 at 5:38 am

    the daily mail is run by a bag full of scabs. sour-pusses that can’t stand anyone else enjoying themselves.

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