Little Hooliganz

New computer game helps glamorise football hooliganism

Scallywags and ruffians encouraged to engage in virtual warfare

Little Hooliganz computer game

Before a thoughtful software creator filled the void, the nation’s aspiring hooligans would have to attend football games to exorcise their violent impulses. Now, they have Little Hooliganz, a free game that means thugs don’t even have to leave the house to convey their meaningless rage in firms such as the ‘Sunderland Skylark Seekers’, the ‘Arsenal Aardvark Avengers’ and the ‘Manchester Monkey Men’. As the official website eloquently puts it:

Become the most notorious, respected and meanest Hooligan the world has ever known.

Earn some spondooley to purchase the things a Little Hooligan needs – food, beer, colours and weapons!

Challenge other Hooligans and show them who is da boss!

Find your very own beautiful Bimbo!!

Do all you can to make it to the top of Hooligan city!

Of course, the game claims to be a ‘parody’ of football hooliganism (perhaps in the same sense that pre-Redknapp Spurs were a ‘parody’ of a football team this season), but the game – in which players must steal to buy offensive weapons – is obviously a little dangerous in the hands of those who don’t know how hilarious and ironic the creators are being.

The Premier League’s crack team of lawyers are currently trying to figure out if the game infringes on clubs’ intellectual property rights, and the FA and the Football Supporters Association have branded it ‘deplorable’ and ‘totally irresponsible’.

Is this game in terribly bad taste, or is everyone getting a bit too Daily Mail about the whole situation? Let us know with a comment below.

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