Conspiracy Theory

Atletico Madrid were “robbed by Platini”, say Spanish press

Anfield draw had nothing to do with Gerrard’s dive, apparently


The Spanish football press are always keen to cook up a conspiracy if things don’t go their way, and today’s edition of Marca blames last night’s late (and dubious) penalty solely on UEFA President Michel Platini. Not Steven Gerrard, nor the referee or the linesman who gave the penalty, but Michel Platini.

The main headline of the paper reads “Another robbery by Platini”, while a smaller headline says “Terrible Swedish referee makes up a penalty.” On their website, an unnamed player says: “It seems they don’t want us to go through.”

Does the UEFA boss seriously have it in for the Spaniards? Or should we just offer them some ketchup for that gigantic chip on their shoulder? Let us know below.

Spoiler bonus: On a completely unrelated note, check out Stevie G’s greatest dives after the jump…

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  • jorgen lk // November 5, 2008 at 3:08 pm

    There was no penalty at the dying moments. But if anybody beleive in a conspiracy, then think twice. We are in the 94 minute of the game. If anything should look just a little wellmeaning, but wrong refereering, you will not wait to the very last minute to “fix” a game.

    Besides, I am totally convinced that the club Platini hates the most on this planet is Liverpool. Platini has hated Liverpool ever since Heysel, and that is a fact, ask anyone from Liverpool.

    Cheers from Denmark

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