Can we ban Joey Barton from football now, please?

Newcastle star still failing to learn from his mistakes

Joey Barton and Gabriel Agbonlahor

Less than two weeks ago, dangerous criminal Joey Barton had the audacity to tell the world that he wanted to become a role model for those who have also sunk to his depths. To his credit, he hasn’t beaten any colleagues or defenseless teenagers unconscious since making the statement, but he has riled up Sunderland fans with some unnecessary badge kissing, and embroiled himself in a racism complaint.

Should Aston Villa’s legal advisors find that Barton made racist gestures towards Gabriel Agbonlahor on Monday (A lip reading expert claims he shouted “F*ck your big lips” after slapping him in the face), then the FA and Newcastle must act. It is clear that Barton is unable to learn his mistakes or his punishments, and a man who is so inclined to vile behaviour shouldn’t be rewarded with £63,000 a week and a dream job.

Do you agree, or should we give the misunderstood lad his 456th second chance? Let us know with a comment below.

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  • JackP // November 5, 2008 at 10:05 am

    When Joey assaulted that bloke last Christmas, I wanted him out of the game. However, since serving his time, and an FA ban for something that happened almost two years ago, he appears to have been the victim of a witchhunt with reports complaining about:
    - “a nasty lunge on Nasri”. Barton won the ball cleanly; Nasri was disgraceful in his later hack at Barton.
    - “slapped Agbonlahor in the face”. Erm.. no, he didn’t. He flicked his lip. Stupid, maybe, but entirely different.
    - “racist for saying “shut your big lips”. I’m sure that the word ‘mouth’ would have made more sense in that context than lips, and would fit with Joey’s story that he was telling Agbonlahor to get on with it and stop whinging. For that matter, even if it was ‘lips’, it’s not necessarily racist – he might have simply been telling Agb. to shut up.

    If he is making racist comments then yes, he should be banned, but it feels like he’s at the centre of a witch-hunt to me. The media are determined to see him banned for SOMETHING, because it doesn’t suit the angle they want to spin if he is a reformed character.

  • Reinhold Messner // November 5, 2008 at 10:35 am

    You can’t blame the media for spinning his antics – if Barton behaved himself, they would say how well he is living up to the promise he made about being a role model. But he clearly isn’t behaving and he never will, so the media have no choice but to show what a moron he is.

    Joey Barton is in charge of his destiny, not the press.

  • JackP // November 5, 2008 at 11:13 am

    Having read in more detail, the “f*** your big lips” comment came apparently after Agbonlahor was “thrusting his bottom lip at Barton, as if to suggest Barton is behaving like a baby”.

    Could this not be a perfectly sensible, rational explanation to the lip issue? Or is it now mandatory to find Joey Barton guilty of everything, and we’ll not let things like “innocence” get in the way?

  • tuka // November 5, 2008 at 11:48 am

    why cant the media AND rival fans let go, roy keane breaking a fellow pro’s leg and addmitting it was intentional,cantona’s infamous kung fu kick,gerrards constant two footed lunges,really dont count do they.but they just cant leave barton alone. Agbonlahor was goading joey and we are in a sport where you cannot retaliate why? in the same Aston Villa game Barton had 4 bad tackles committed against him, he just got up dusted himself down and got on with it like a man is supposed to do.Give him a break

  • Scott Rowntree // November 5, 2008 at 12:02 pm

    Like anyone I cant condone Bartons behaviour over the last couple of years but do people not think if there was any sort of racist comment made on Monday night the reaction of Gabby would have been slightly different to what it was. Villa were obviously trying to rattle him and to be honest the referee had a shocker and was letting any bad challenge on Barton go but anythiny Joey does now seems to get punished straight away. I have no doubt that players like Barton, Danny Guthrie and people like Robbie Savage get booked purely on reputation now or because they’ve made one mistake in the case of Guthrie (a shocking one however but still one mistake). The game is over there was no racism there and Barton got his soon to become a frequent in my opinion card cos of who he is so lets get on with it and see how Sundays referee treats him on Sunday where no doubt both media and fans alike will be hoping he does something wrong so there’s a talking point til the next game when the witchhunt can all start again.

  • bradcp // November 5, 2008 at 3:57 pm

    When Joey’s antics land him with his own cartoon, I think it’s time his career has become a joke:

    There’s 2 more after that one too!

  • Scrugs // November 5, 2008 at 9:15 pm

    There are plenty of roll-models in the league to go around. There needs to be a few more villains and a few less flop-artists. Challenging for a ball at times involves tackling some end cleanly, others in agony (Eduardo). The finesse men around the league need to stay on their feet and put the ball in the back of the net and then see how much talking Mr. Barton does. He may have an unruly temper but I would take a guy that holds his ground over some flop artist all day long.

  • John // November 6, 2008 at 2:55 am

    Im actually now starting to feel sorry for Barton as he seems to be on the end of an intense media witch-hunt in this Country now, the lad only has to breathe to loud and it’s in the papers, whatever he now does on the pitch that is “ok” or anything good is immediately turned around by the media and made to look bad, like someone said before the Nasri tackle, and this incident with Agbonlahor, it’s pretty certain to me that Barton simply was telling Agbonlahor to “shut up” or “shut your big mouth” but because it’s Barton the media like to think it was a racist comment, coincidentally to Agbonlahor who is black whereas i doubt this story would of popped up if the opposing player would of been white, i really doubt it..

    And another thing, Barton is trying to turn his back on his bad past and is trying to change himself something which the media in this Country will simply not allow, again like someone below said, the media wont allow this because then they will have nothing to fill thier columns with come Saturday, it’s funny how the likes of Steven Gerrard with his nasty late lunges on players, Roy Keane’s behaviour over the past 15 years and Eric Cantona’s Kung-Fu kick on a fan is allowed to slip through the net.

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