Premier League Pilfering

Robbery news: The Liverpool FC cat burglar strikes again

Brazilian’s possessions purloined while on Champions League duty

Lucas Leiva

Last December, Alex Curran had a terrifying encounter with armed robbers who broke into her home while her husband was diving playing away in Marseille, marking the sixth occasion in eighteen months that a Liverpool star’s home security had been breached. The Spoiler’s crack team of sleuths predicted that John Arne Riise would be the next man in a red shirt to suffer a break in (his rogue payslip, bankruptcy and apparent willingness to part with his Champions League medal to show casual attitude to materialism), yet he managed to escape to Rome unburglarised.

In place of the ginger Norwegian, young Brazilian Lucas Leiva has had his home ransacked, with thieves making off with an Olympic bronze medal, some Brazil shirts and a huge “swag” bag full of “treasured memories”.

If you include the watch stolen from Robbie Keane’s hotel room a few months ago, Leiva is the eigth Liverpool player to suffer a burglary in the past two years.

It remains a mystery as to why the club keeps getting targeted, but if you see someone drive past you in Pepe Reina’s Porsche, wearing a Brazil shirt, a ladies watch and an Olympic medal, be sure to alert the authorities.

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