Fightin' Round the World

Video: Goalkeeper uses a corner flag to attack riot police!

Who wants to see another South American football riot?

Our friends in South America tend to get an unfair wrap for their propensity to riot on the football field, but perhaps that’s because they do it so bloody often (evidence here, here, here and here). Over the weekend Bolivian champions Aurora played Wilsterman in an end of season tournament, during which a fist fight [2.30 in the video] saw a few of the players receive their marching orders. Wilsterman’s Eduardo Zenteno refused to leave the pitch, and a team of riot police escorted him from the field [5.00]. Clearly, Zenteno objected and a full scale brawl broke out, and police defended themselves from players’ karate kicks with pepper spray. Aurora keeper Silvio Dulcich even starts attacking the lawmen with a corner flag!

Amazingly, the ref chose not to banadon the game, but played after Wilsterman protested. Perhaps they shouldn’t have insisted so much, as Aurora came out 1-0 winners.

[Unprofessional Foul]

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