Marlon King and Dean Windass brawl in a casino

Hull stars guilty of “violent and appalling behaviour”

Scarborough Opera House Casino

Following in the noble footsteps of Craig Bellamy, Dean Windass and Marlon King staged a fight at a casino. The lucky venue was the Scarborough Opera House Casino, where the Hull stars kicked off at 3am last night:

A witness said: “Windass appeared to say something to King that had him raging like a bull. King was shouting, ‘You b*****d. Wait until I tell my boy what you said’.

“Windass shouted back, ‘It was a joke. You know f*** all about anything’.

“King then threw himself at Windass, headbutting him in the face. There was blood and drinks were sent flying.

“It was embarrassing. They were like snarling animals.”

King, who has been keeping veteran Windass out of the Hull team, is also said to have insulted staff and pretended that his £19,000 watch had been stolen, despite witnesses seeing him slip it into his own pocket.

The Jamaican has clearly acted abhorrently, but hats off to him for having the gall to fight Dean Windass. Most people would probably rather take on a family of starved bears while smeared in honey than fight Dean Windass.

[The Sun]

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