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Arsenal’s league season officially over

Gunners’ capitulation to Aston Villa suggests they are growing bored of top four finishes

By going over like cardboard to Villa at the Emirates this afternoon, Arsenal have now registered four defeats in the first 13 league games this season, something they haven’t managed since 1994/95, long before the arrival of Professor Wenger. For those Gunners fans who like to clutch at straws, you can now officially stop wasting time studying the top of the table, as no team has ever lost as many in the first 13 and gone on to win the the Premier League.

No one has started so poorly and finished second either. Arsenal’s best hope is third place, which Newcastle managed in 2002/3 after losing five at this stage. United achieved a third place finish the season before after losing four in the first 13.

However, Arsenal’s record over the last thirty years or so when losing four or more at this stage of the season makes for very queasy reading, and suggests that they will be fortunate to even make the UEFA Cup next year, let alone the Champions League. In 1994/95, they finished 12th, in 1992/93 they lost four in 13 and finished tenth, in 1984/85 they lost four in 13 and finished seventh, in 1983/84 they lost seven in 13 and finished sixth, in 1982/83 they lost five in 13 and finished tenth, in 1981/82 they lost five in 13 and finished fifth, in 1977/78 they lost four in 13 and finished fifth, in 1976/77 they lost five in 13 and finished eighth, and in 1975/6 they lost four in 13 and flirted with relegation, finishing 17th. Could this be the season the top four welcomes a new member?

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  • Pryde // November 16, 2008 at 9:44 am

    is Wenger still the right man for Arsenal? I doubt that very much, it is easy to see that the team dont have any set targets as they play its like they are just there ro fufil their fixtures, Stoke city have got better passion in thier games than what Arsenal have, its no longer time to blame it on young players but time to really look at Mr Wenger and ask him, the team havent gone close to winning anything in three seasons, what are thinking about?

    its really time to notify him that his job is not fixed and by now he should have established a team capable for challenging the treble like what Sir Alex does. Bieng an Arsenal fan is even more humuliating than bieng a Luton town f.c supporter.

    MR Wenger its time to deliver or go we really want to see someone else have a go i.e Pat Rice or someone who wants to take the club places

  • Vincent // November 17, 2008 at 4:11 pm

    I agree. I’ve been watching Arsenal for the past 20 years and Arsene Wenger has got be one of the most arrogant managers we have ever had.

    I’ve been criticising him since 2002 but keep getting flamed by me fellow fans.

    I used to watch Wengers Monaco side in the late 80′s -90′s and he did the same thing there. He started of well buying and working with the existing experienced players such as Glenn Hoddle, Jurgen Klinsmann & Manuel Amoros and guess what he won titles.

    After the first few years the experienced players moved on or they retired. He then resorted to the youths and tried to play champagne football with a team of boys. He also played people out of position countless times.
    What happened is that because of Wengers insistence of not bringing in proven players the team declined and Marseille came on the scene. He was then sacked and exiled to Japan where Arsenal found him a few years later.

    Since we lost the last remaining members of George Grahams side ie Parlour, Keown, Adams. Plus the players he brought in early on Pires, Vieira, Henry. We have not won anything.

    I’m tired of Wenger pursuing his own agenda with our team. We used to be a team that was feared with our solid back four and battling midfielders complimented by gifted attackers but now we are a laughing stock.

    He has been a great servant but everything has to end. I’m afraid that Wenger is holding us back now (I can’t remember one Arsenal team in the past 20 years that would have lost to Stoke, Hull and conceded 2 goals to Spurs in injury time

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