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Michael Ballack’s mystery injury, Joey Barton’s real injury and distressed WAGs

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WithLeather discover the most fantastically useless invention ever: the Treadmobile

London 2012 bosses are desperately trying to stop the Olympics plunging us further into financial turmoil

After wasting hundreds of thousands of pounds of Newcastle’s wage bill, Poor little lamb Joey Barton out injured for two months

Michael Ballack won’t face England this week, but is all set to play for Chelsea on Saturday. Hmmm…

Arsenal aren’t the only ones having doubts about their manager – Bernd Schuster’s Real madrid days are numbered
[Dirty Tackle]

Rant: Alan Hansen and co are horrible pundits

Former Jermain Defoe lovers Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace and Charlotte Mears flee violence at a London awards ceremony
[Daily Mail]

The ten best teenage footballers in the world
[Caught Offside]

The top 10 girls of the 2008 F1 season
[Grid Crasher]

Sexy bonus: photo coverage of last week’s “Most Beautiful Bottom in the World” contest
[The Aussie Daily Telegraph]

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