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WAG No. 225: Veronika Varekova

Don’t you hate it when sand gets stuck to your suntan lotion?

Lucky Czechoslovakian NHL star Petr Nedved managed to persuade Victoria’s Secret supermodel Veronika Varekova to become his wife in 2004. Understandably, the ice hockey pro wanted to be near his wife in New York City, so in 2006 he requested a transfer to the Eastern Conference. Unfortunately, this proved to be the kiss of death for their relationship, as they separated. Soon after, Nedved’s career started to peter out and he returned to his home country in 2007, supermodel-less and alone. 

Veronika is a smart cookie, she has degrees in psychology and education, can speak three languages and can quote pii to 300 decimal places. Probably.

In much sexier trivia, she has appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated a whopping eight times, and has modelling contracts with Guess?, Chanel and Pantene.

Spoiler Bonus: Here’s Veronika enjoying a photoshoot with fellow Czech model Daniela Peštová…

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