Which one player would you poach from… Arsenal?

Use your vote wisely…


The scenario: You’re the manager of a Premier League team, and you’re allowed to strengthen your squad by signing just one player in the January transfer window. But you can only choose someone from Arsenal’s young squad – so who do you pick?

Your options: Will you go for the midfield majesty of Cesc Fabregas, or the silky skills of Robin van Persie? Perhaps, if you want to add pace and energy to your side’s back four, you’d be interested in Gael Clichy. And don’t forget William Gallas, who would undoubtedly do much to boost team morale. Or, if you want one for the future, consider the likes of Aaron Ramsey, Theo Walcott and Carlos Vela.

You also have to consider the player’s personality as well as his ability. Likeability is a factor – no non-Arsenal fan would ever want to sign Emmanuel Eboue, for example.

So much choice, but there can be only one. The decision is yours. Vote below:

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