The Fiendish Friday Quiz

Pit your wits against The Spoiler’s resident Statto

1. Norwich, Gillingham, Bristol City, Wolves, Leicester, Crystal Palace, Stoke, Burnley, Sheffield Utd, Burnley (current). Which journeyman’s career?

2. Who wears the unlucky No.13 shirt for Manchester United?

3. Picture round: Who thinks God Is Great?


4. Complete this chronological sequence: Kit Symons, Iain Dowie, Peter Taylor, ________?

5. Which team did Steve Bruce support as a boy?

6. Which team won the last ever Uefa Cup Winner’s Cup final?

7. Which organisation currently features on Barcelona’s shirts?

8. David Platt, Liam Brady, Michael Laudrup and Thierry Henry have all played for which club?

Answers after the click:


1. Adi Akinbiyi

2. Park Ji-Sung

3. Steven Pienaar of Everton

4. Neil Warnock. They are the most recent managers of Crystal Palace.

5. Newcastle United

6. Lazio

7. Unicef

8. Juventus

How did ye fare this week?

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  • Upminster Iron // December 5, 2008 at 3:43 pm

    Full marks thanks to a lucky educated guess on number six. Much better than last week’s 5/8!

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