Anderton's Revelation

Which former England star claims to have helped David Beckham’s career?

Mr B’s success is all down to Sicknote, apparently

Darren Anderton

Alleged footballer Darren Anderton is interviewed in this morning’s Sun, where he claims his single biggest regret is saying no to an offer from Manchester Utd in 1995. The midfielder, who is still playing at Bournemouth, decided to warm the injury table at Tottenham after Alan Sugar persuaded him to stay, and takes one consolation from passing up the opportunity to play in a league winning side:

“Had I left, I would have had a Premier League medal to my name.”But my decision to stay at Spurs opened the door for Becks and the rest, as they say, is history.

“It’s where it all started for Becks – and I hope he remembers that!

I like to think I was responsible for giving his career a helping hand.

Really, Darren? Would Beckham’s career really have taken a different course if you suffered your injuries at Manchester Utd instead? Didn’t you play together in Glenn Hoddle’s England side anyway?

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