How’s the five step plan to reach the Champions League going, Sunderland?

Niall Quinn’s optimistic goals look a little out of reach

Niall Quinn

Just before the start of the season, Sunderland chairman Niall Quinn told us of a five step plan that would make the Black Cats the “second biggest club in England”:

“We had five steps planned when we took over as a board. Step one was going up, step two was staying up, step three, where we’re at now, was establishing ourselves in the Premier League, step four was competing for Europe and step five was aiming for Champions League football.”

“If we keep progressing, if we get to the point down the line where we are knocking on the door to the Champions League, I would have to go to the investors and ask them to commit to a 60,000-seater stadium, to make us the second biggest club in England.”

We’re interested in criticising someone with ambition, but it looks like the club are currently stagnating on step three, and in grave danger of sliding back to step one.

Can Sunderland one day reach the promised land of Champions League football and take a slice of the big four pie? Is Big Sam Allardyce the right man to get them there? Let us know below, folks.

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  • Lee // December 8, 2008 at 11:45 am

    A club with massive support and a board with lofty ambitions……….I don’t see why they can’t one day challenge the top four. It just takes a little longer for clubs where the commute to ChinaWhite/Oxford Street is more than an hour.

  • Paul // December 8, 2008 at 1:12 pm

    Well said Lee. Due to the prejudices of our home-grown (gutter?) press, many players, especially but not exclusively foreign, have to overcome their misconceptions of places like Sunderland. This article is just another example of the snide coments of a southern-based press who cannot conceive of anyone being a success outside of London/Manchester/Liverpool and maybe Birmingham (i.e. Villa). The plan is still viable and cannot be derailed just because one man says he doesn’t want to be a manager any more.

  • mrmalcolmmustard // December 8, 2008 at 4:36 pm

    That Niall Quinn statement was made when he took over as Chairman and before Roy Keane was made manager and as far as I can see nothing has changed. We got promoted, we stayed up. And the fact is that we are only a few wins from an European place. All we need is the right manager to take us there. Keane obvioulsy not the man for the next stages. So I suggest that all you snipers keep watching this space . By the way if the Stadium of Light was extended to its limit it would hold 64000 which would indeed make us the second biggest club in England.

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