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Darius Vassell mugged after Christmas party

Man City forward relieved of £23k worth of bling

Darius vassell

Darius Vassell may have looked like the belle of the ball in the £15,000 Cartier watch and £8,000 earrings that he wore to Manchester City’s Christmas party on Sunday night, but his grotesque display of wealth left him subject to the wants of nasty criminal types:

The Manchester City forward was “roughed up” as his Cartier watch and jewellery were snatched.

It is understood that Vassell shared a taxi with a woman back to his apartment in Didsbury. He got out to allow the woman to continue her journey and was arguing about the fare when he was attacked.

Frankly, for his failure to adhere to the Premier League Players’ Behaviour Code, Vassell had this attack coming. What kind of self respecting millionaire sportsman argues about a cab fare? And more importantly, how many players let a woman “continue her journey” rather than taking her home and sealing the deal? Come on Darius, what would Robinho have to say about that gentlemanly blunder?

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  • Stevie the K // December 9, 2008 at 5:41 pm

    Maybe the real crime is that a mediocre League One-level non-performer like Vassell can afford a £15,000 Cartier watch and £8,000 earrings.

    Wonder where Man City would be with two top-class strikers.

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