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Avram Grant blasts Chelsea, Rooney’s stamp ban and Ronaldo’s girlfriends exposed

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Grid Crasher show us the quickest way to flatten a car

Marlon King arrested for punching a girl in the face

Cristiano Ronaldo’s new ladyfriend Alyona is a “cheat and a liar”, says the husband she cheated on and lied to
[The Sun]

Meanwhile, Cristiano’s ex-WAG Letizia Filippi has posed for a nude clanedar (NSFW)

Wayne Rooney may face a ban for last night’s stamping incident

Tottenham players prepare to welcome back Berbatov

Jermain Defoe out on the town with his classy lassy Chantelle Houghton
[Dirty Tackle]

Avram Grant lays the smackdown on Chelsea’s “childish” players
[Daily Mail]

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