Who would you prefer: Sam Allardyce or Alan Curbishley?

Former England contenders left begging for job with strugglers

Sam Allardyce, the favourite for the Sunderland job

Gordon Strachan, Avram Grant, Peter Reid and Co Adriaanse have all been thrust into contention to succeed Roy Keane at various points over the past week, before quickly fading away again. However, Sam Allardyce and Alan Curbishley have been constants, starting as the frontrunners in the betting last Thursday and remaining so up to now, which indicates that one of them will be the next manager of Sunderland. Both men have in common a track record for getting the best out of average players while being criticised for a dull brand of football, but beyond that, here’s what we consider both men’s pros and cons:

Sam Allardyce
+ Favours modern methods such as Prozone a lot more than Curbishley does
+ Has qualified for Europe with an unfancied team
+ Boasts a pretty impressive record in the transfer market

- His team’s direct physical approach hasn’t won over many neutrals
- Was sacked by Newcastle after a run of two wins in twelve games
- Do Sunderland really want somebody who flopped at their biggest rivals?

Alan Curbishley
+ Has never been sacked as a manager
+ Kept West Ham up from a far worse position than Sunderland are in now
+ Should improve the defence and has worked with McCartney and Ferdinand
+ Charlton without Curbishley are a lot worse off than Bolton without Allardyce, indicating how good a job he did there

- Yet to qualify for Europe, so his ability to go beyond mid-table is doubted
- Had a poor record when buying in the transfer market for West Ham
- West Ham’s injury problems were sometimes blamed on his training methods
- Criticised for lacking charisma, although this shouldn’t really matter at all

Of course some of those points are up for debate. It’s arguable that Newcastle’s failures since Allardyce left shows that he didn’t do that bad a job, and equally, Charlton making £14 million on Darren Bent shows Curbs may know how to spot a bargain. However, which manager do you think would do a better job at Sunderland? Let us know with a vote and comment below:

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  • Meh // December 11, 2008 at 9:36 am

    Allardyce will be ideal for Sunderland, he can get his son in to help off load all of the players Keane bought like a lass shopping for shoes and handbags and all that in the sales,with a new credit card. A platinum one.

    Then he can do his stuff, you know; chew gum and bring in a boat load of back room staff. Some of them to tell players to eat pasta and not pies and some of them to press control-alt-delete when “prozone” doesn’t start winning games for them. Then he can put his car coat on and shove both hands in the pockets and stand furrowing his brow in it, whilst chewing gum and correcting anyone who forgets to use the prefix “Big” when addressing him.

    Aye, he’s lush, he is.

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