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Johan Djourou reveals the secret to his success

Beauty products and sweets keep the Swiss star ticking

Johan Djourou

Instead of spending his spare time buying cars, playing Xbox and steamrollering anything that moves in a miniskirt in Movida, Swiss defender Johan Djourou prefers to smear himself in body butter:

“Mangoes are a fruit that I’m crazy about, so I love the sweet and fruity fragrance of Body Shop’s mango body butter.

“I pay attention to hydrating my skin properly and to feeling good.”

Djourou, who may or may not cry every time he watches The Notebook, also revealed that he loves sweets:

“I have always been a glutton for sweets, even though I know that they are not very good for me.

“My mum brings me peach-flavoured acid drops every time she comes to London and eating them is pure joy.”

Bless Djourou and his child-like innocence. Despite his money and high profile career, a simple bag of sweets fills him with the same delight that a bag of money does for Harry Redknapp.

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