Steven Gerrard has said that Robbie Keane could leave Liverpool next month

Mark Lawrenson makes a shock revelation on Irish radio

Robbie Keane with Steven Gerrard

Mark Lawrenson revealed on Irish radio station Today FM that he had spoken to Steven Gerrard who told him that Robbie Keane could quit Anfield in the January transfer window. The BBC pundit said:

“Sorry to name drop but I had a drink with Steven Gerrard at a function on Saturday night, and we were talking about Robbie Keane.

“He was saying to me that they [Keane and Gerrard] share the same agent and he thinks something is going to happen with Robbie Keane in January.

“He thinks he’s going to be moved on.”

It’s hard to tell who is acting with the least professionalism in this story. Is it Gerrard for making public something that he was told in confidence or Lawrenson for bragging about his insider knowledge on the radio? Either way, it’s unlikely Keane will be too impressed to find out that his possible departure just five months after joining the club has been made public knowledge.

If the information that Gerrard and Lawrenson have heard is correct, where do you envisage him moving too? Would you be willing to forgive him and welcome him back with open arms Spurs fans? Could he do a job at Aston Villa or Manchester City? Let us know what you think with a comment below.

[Times Online]

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  • Nick // December 16, 2008 at 7:21 pm

    Even as a United fan, who certainly has no real love for Keane or his scouse colleagues, this is extremly poor manners and timing by Gerrard and Lawrenson.. Lawrenson is a tosser, what a wanker to go on Radio and tell everybody.. he just wants to grab some headlines himself I guess.. it cannot be unintentional.. he has spent too long working in the media to think he could get away with saying something like that and it slipping under the radar..

  • Charlie // December 16, 2008 at 11:51 pm

    He wont be moved on because no one will pay more than 12 mill for him and that would be too big a loss for the pool.

    HOWEVER if Owen choose not to resign at the toon I could see a 10 mill bid going in for him as a replacement.

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