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Nicolas Anelka wants to become an actor

Cheslea striker could be the new (talented version of) Vinnie Jones

One may think that Nicolas Anelka’s favourite hobby outside of the beautiful is moaning, but the Frenchman actually holds a passion for the performing arts. He told us last month that he fancied himself as Chelsea’s resident stand up comedian (see his hi-larious Seinfeld-esque quip about a man in a bar here) and now he has revealed he wants to become an actor:

“After football, maybe we will see an Oscar in the Anelka trophy cabinet.

“I like action men. I think I’d like to be the bad man in a movie. Like Vinnie Jones? Ha ha! He’s good.”

Anelka has already displayed his DeNiro-esque acting chops in 2002′s “Wildly inconsistent” French film Le Boulet. Quite how he prepared fot he role of ‘Nicolas the soccer player’ is anyone’s guess.

[The Sun]

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