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Everton star is booked for being ‘recognisable’

Marouane Fellaini gets in trouble because he is big, apparently

Marouane Fellaini

If The Spoiler were to head out on to Oxford Street and ask 100 people to name the ten most recognisable faces in the Premier League, not a single person would mention Marouane Fellaini. Everton boss Steve Round, however, believes his memorable visage is the reason why he has picked up eight bookings in twelve league games this term:

“He’s disappointed with how many bookings he’s had and has put that down to inexperience. But we’ve also put it down to the fact he’s quite recognisable.

“I think referees need to book him on merit rather than because it’s ‘big’ Fellaini.

It’s very sweet of Round to stick up for Fellaini and his reprehensible hairstyle, but the reason for the Belgian’s constant cautions is quite simple: he commits a shitload of fouls.

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