Unauthorised demolition

Bayern Munich are very unhappy with Keanu Reeves

Crappy wooden actor’s new film enrages Bundesliga side

Most people have been irritated by the god-awful remake of sci-fi classic The Day The Earth Stood Still, but Bayern Munich have particular reason to be aggrieved.

In a TV advert for the film, the Bayern’s fancy Allianz Arena stadium is razed to the ground – something the club knew nothing about. Media director Markus Hoerwick told Bild:

“We were not informed and were also not asked for permission. It is not to our benefit for the Arena to be represented in such a way. We will examine now whether and how we react to it.”

To make matters worse, fans from rival clubs have edited the advert to make it look like their crest is destroying the stadium. 1860 Munchen pranksters were among the first to do this, perhaps forgetting the fact that they share the Allianz Arena with Bayern.

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